The Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Salt Lake City

Our dogs deserve a nice playtime in a great location. In this list, we’ll take you to the best off-leash dog parks in Salt Lake City! These amazing spots offer great sceneries where your furbabies can have an amazing time running free, enjoying nature, and meeting new pals! Want a place along the rivers or around the mountains? Check out this list!


Memory Grove Off-Leash Area at Freedom Trail 

The Memory Grove Off-Leash Area at Freedom Trail is an excellent spot for nature lovers! Your pets can walk on the paved trail access to a shallow creek that’s perfect for splashing around. They can also jump on rocks in the water and run through leaves. The walk up and down the trails is easy, so you don’t have to worry! It is shaded, too, so you and your pups are protected while you hike. Did I mention that the picturesque trail with lots of little alcoves and backdrops is a nice place for photoshoots? It’s certainly a lovely way to preserve your memories with your pets! Take photos at sundown as nature casts its majestic glow. This park at 300 N Canyon Rd is a breath of fresh air in the city, and some say Memory Grove is where their dogs’ memories are the greatest. 

Herman Frank’s Dog Park

If you want to switch things up during your playtime, take your pets to Herman Frank’s Dog Park. Patrons love this place for its fun agility course pieces. Not only can your dogs run off-leash, but they can also enjoy extra exercise and entertainment. It’s an excellent place to give some additional training. There’s also plenty of room for your pups to play as the park is entirely fenced off. If your pets love to escape, fear not because the gates feature double fencing so they can’t leave while other pooches go in and out. The pens are also surrounded by paved pathways where owners can walk around and watch their dogs easily. Most dogs here are well-behaved so it’s easier to socialize. The park provides dog-friendly water fountains and poop bags for your convenience. This fun place at 1371 S 700 E might be your next play spot with your pooches!

Cottonwood Park Off-leash Area

If you’re looking for a park with lovely pet parents, visit Cottonwood Park. This fully-fenced park is situated at 1580 W North Star Dr. Frequenters love it here because pups are well-behaved and owners are also polite. The park isn’t overcrowded at all so it’s easy to spark up conversations while watching your dogs run free. They also have a good amount of ground to cover. Thanks to locals, the park and the grass are well-maintained. Even though the water fountains aren’t always on, others bring jugs of water to lend to other pets. It would be lovely if you could share yours, too! Picnic tables and benches are situated around the park for your convenience, so there’s always a spot to lounge on. Large trees also provide shade so your pups won’t be hot when they run around. 

Lindsey Gardens Park

Lindsey Gardens Park, located at 426 M St, offers majestic views of the neighboring mountainous terrain. If you want to be somewhere quieter than usual, this spot is the one for you. Your pups would need a little bit more attention because the off-leash area is not fenced in, so just keep that in mind. If they’re well-trained, all you need to worry about is how to fully enjoy the astonishing surroundings. Its isolated location lets you enjoy a less crowded play place with your pups as it tends to be emptier during the day. This place is perfect if your dogs are a little shy to play with other guys. Enjoy a walk on the tree-shaded trails as you indulge in the peace and beauty of nature. 

Parley’s Historic Nature Park

Ending this list with one of the definite favorites in Salt Lake City, Parley’s Historic Nature Park, right at the end of Tanner Park, has a 13-acre off-leash trail with great scenery that’s perfect for your pups to run around in! It’s a vast place for your pooches to get their energy out. It can also be a good exercise for you, so it’s a win-win situation! Your pups can play throughout the trail while surrounded by lush green grass, gorgeous mountains, and canyon-like views. Waste bags and water are also provided. The best part? There’s a pond at the end of the main trail which your dogs will love as a reward after a nice walk. It is an ideal place to visit especially now in the heat of the summer. Owners here are very accommodating to other pets as well! There’s plenty of opportunities to make a friend or two along the way. Visit this park at 2667 Heritage Way to relax and exercise with your babies!

Salt Lake City is filled with wonderful nature parks for you and your dogs! I hope this list pumps you up to take your furbabies on a fun-filled adventure. What are you waiting for? Go visit these amazing play places and have fun!

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