6 Minority-Owned Businesses You Can Support in Salt Lake County

Salt Lake City is a diverse metropolis, possibly more so than other American cities; there are thousands of enterprises here, with a significant percentage owned by members of minority cultures. Minority businesses are an important element of the economy and are critical to the success of local communities.

There has been an increase in support for minority-owned businesses as a result of various organizations stepping in to assist them, and we should do the same. Whether you want to take your business to them or help promote their brand through social media, a helping hand goes a long way. Here are six businesses that offer distinctive services we recommend that you look at.

Chai’s Barber Shop

We are starting this list with a business that is a necessity for most men, a barber shop. Located on East Millcreek, Chai’s Barber shop brings the ultimate grooming practices to Utah’s men. The founder of the establishment, Chai “the Barber”, has proven on several occasions that his ability to groom with straight razors and shears is second to none in the area.

Having mastered his skills over more than twenty years, Chai has developed an uncanny ability to foresee what will work best for you. Whether it’s a normal shave or an elegant cut, Chai’s barber shop offers barbers that can take care of all your grooming needs to your satisfaction.

Casual Cuisine Caterers

Several occasions can demand the need for a full-service catering company, but given the number of options in the market, it can be a daunting task to pick one that fulfills your culinary needs. Trained and brought up under the supervision of executive chef Steve Ulibarri, Melinda Anderson, puts in tremendous effort to understand the needs of customers and delivers her services accordingly.

They have an extensive menu in place which includes a variety of popular and traditional American gourmet food as well as cuisines from other parts of the world. They source their raw ingredients from local farmers and farms, which has helped them build strong relations with their business partners. Casual Cuisine Caterers is a family-owned and run business that is dedicated to helping you come up with the most fitting menu for your special events.

Afro Beat Dance Studio

An active lifestyle demands you to stay fit and healthy, and what better way there is to achieve that than dancing your heart out. It goes without saying but dancing is one of the most eclectic ways of securing a good workout while having fun. Ever since being founded in 2008, Afro Beat Dance Studio has helped many people in its mission to stay healthy and fit.

This dance studio takes it a step further by creating a social and constructive space for its members. Their vision is to connect, inspire, and empower people through various styles of dancing that exist within the art form. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air or just want to revamp your workout schedule, Afro Beat Dance Studio would be a good place to start.

Art and Soul Mixer

Art therapy can be relaxing in many ways, not just to the artist but to anyone who tries to engage with it. There are very few initiatives like Art and Soul Mixer which encapsulates the perfect fusion between music and painting in an elegant setting.

Whether you want to relax in a creatively rich atmosphere or just want to lay down some ideas on a piece of paper, this mixer provides you with the best platform to do so. They also organize themed events to add more variety and spruce up the experience for their patrons.

Zenbei Judo

This is a minority-owned judo gym and training facility that helps people tackle their health and fitness goals through defense arts. Judo is a type of martial art originating from Japan that has garnered a legion of fans from all over the world. With the rising popularity of MMA, judo has seen a significant rise in demand from both enthusiasts and professional fighters.

At Zenbei Judo, mental and physical fitness comes first. Their ultimate goal is to help their students achieve a balance in life through mixed martial and defense arts. Their amateur judo team has acquired accolades from both regional and national events. If you are looking to enter the world of MMA and other defense arts, this can be a great start. 

Emission Clinic

Car trouble can come crashing down on anyone’s day but with auto service providers like Emission Clinic, you can completely avoid running into them. Life can get busy, and people at Emission Clinic realize that it can be hard to make time to take care of your car the way you want to. This is why they want to bring their services to you.

At Emission Clinic, a team of professional and well-informed staff will help you with every challenge that your car may throw at you. Be it a standard servicing, or repair/replace, they can help you take care of your car while also advising you on the ways to save time and money in the future.

Support Your Local Minority-Owned Businesses Today

Supporting minority-owned businesses can be healthy for our local community and it encourages people to mix with other cultures and helps destigmatize cultural stereotypes.

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